frequently asked questions

When is your next market? Are you going to be at xxx?

I try my best to schedule a variety of markets in a bunch of different locations. This season I'll be everywhere from Providence to Brooklyn to Concord, NH. You can find a detailed list of my whereabouts HERE.

I want to learn to embroider. Can you teach me?

I love that my art has inspired so many to try their hand at embroidery. This season I'll be offering a variety of different public workshops that are open to any skill level. I also offer private one-on-one instruction and group workshops. Find all the info on that HERE.

Where is the best place to buy your work?

Coming to a local market is hands down the best place to pick something out. My entire inventory goes to every show and not every piece is available in my online store. My best sellers, or items I know I will make more of, are listed in my shop. You can also see my most recent pieces on my instagram. People frequently message me on IG to purchase a piece.


Do you offer custom orders or take commissions?

Absolutely! I LOVE creating custom pieces for people and find that some of my best work comes from collaborating with others to create something unique. I currently offer custom embroidery, illustrations & tattoo design.

Where do you ship? Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I ship to anywhere in the US, Canada & Europe. One of my very first sales was actually to the UK!

What's your price range? Are custom pieces more expensive?

My typical price range for embroidery is $10-$100, with most pieces being in the $18-$30 range. Illustrations and block prints are $10 and up.

All of my work, custom pieces included, are priced based on size, materials cost & the level of detail and time that goes into the piece. 


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