It all started when…


Hallie is an illustrator and fiber artist based in Providence, RI. With a background in photography and fine arts, having studied at The Art Institute in Boston, she's always been drawn to a variety of mediums to create her work.

In the summer of 2017 it was suggested that she pick up knitting as a way to cope with anxiety. Lacking any kind of skill with a knitting needle, she decided to try her hand at embroidery instead and fell in love with the practice.

Completely self taught, she puts a modern spin on a dying art, stitching pieces that feature contemporary florals, pop culture references, and liberally using her sarcastic nature. She’s also begun using her background in fine arts to create multi-media embroidery pieces that include stitching and paint to create unique abstract works of art.

In addition to embroidery, you can find illustrations & block-printed items among her inventory.